Paint Booths

paint booth  Pantron spray booths are positive pressurized and works on vertical down draft principal.
Downward air flow draws overspray away from the vehicle and breathing zone for operator , leading to smooth finishing and healthier & more comfortable working environment.
Hot Air Generator (Blower cum Heat Exchanger unit) is made in two compartments to breath fresh air from top only. Its extended pre filter area, enhance the life of expensive ceiling filters.
Paint booths are available in metal/Concrete base in different size in regular & single sheet economy models.

Installation statement
Air handling plant may be fit rear side.Recommemded 3 type of recirculation.

Installation :
  1. Use metal basement downdraft recirculation .
  2. Use in-group pit downdraft recirculation.
  3. Use air handling Plant direct recirculation.
There are two modes to install filtering static pressure room: steel column supporting or suspending steel hook from of building. it is feasible to separate areas or multi-parallel station by PVC soft curtain or EPS plates.