Generator Fuel Consumption Using DTS

The market demand for effective fuel management system derives from the requirement of generator operators to control and monitor fuel usage of generators. Fuel theft and unauthorized use can cause significant financial losses. More careful monitoring of fueling and generator performance can also help detect mechanical and operational problems in generator thereby improving efficient fuel usage.

In response to these market demands, we have introduced DTS - 12 (Diesel Tracking system) product that use wireless GSM Technology which enables generator operators and owners to monitor and control generator fuel usage and efficiency. The system records the quantity of fuel filled, fuel consumption of the generator, running hours and maintenance schedules.

Whenever fuel is filled in the generator, the DTS - 12 sends an SMS to a programmed mobile phone. (Quantity of fuel filled, present level in the tank, quantity of fuel consumed from last filling, running hours from last filling, totals (fuel, running hours), no of power outages, date & time. The same information is updated to the company's web site. Wherein the generator Owner can login and view his data and generate reports and also create auto emailing of reports on daily. weekly & monthly basis.

The system sends an SMS alert when unauthorized fuel consumption happens (Theft).The system can be programmed to send the present fuel level, running hour, fuel totalizer, generator status & Power outage to the programmed mobile no at programmed time intervals.

You can know the real time fuel level by sending an SMS to the system. it reply's with the present fuel level.

The following Alarms can be set:

1) Maintenance Alarms (10 no's).

2) Fuel lowAlarm.

When an alarm occurs the system sends an SIVIS.

The system consists of a fuel level sensor and a main control unit with a GSM modem. The fuel level sensor continuously monitors the fuel level in the Tank with high accuracy


•      Smart Remote monitoring

•      Records filled quantity

•      Web service for monitoring (Backup data for 1 year).

•      Fuel theft alert

•      Auto messaging of present status


Fuel economy calculator.

•      Supply Voltage   : 12/24 V DC

Generate reports

Communication    : GSM

Auto emailing of reports.

SMS Facility for real time fuel level.

Storage capacity  : 1000 transactions

Dimensions         : 215 x 205 x 65 mm

Low level fuel Alarm (SMS Facility)

Display               : 16x2 Dot Matrix Back-Lit LCD

Maintenance Schedules (SMS Facility & WEB)



Data Storage

10 Programmable Phone Nos.

Easy to Install

Sensor Length -100 mm to 1000 mm

Suits any type of Tank